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Very near the centre of Vilcabamba, the Ecolodge provides a accommodations of different kinds within the only remaining semi-natural protected setting in the valley. It shares the reserve’s name and serves as a “symbiotic” support to its conservation goals. Approximately a third of your payment is destined to the various management programs of Rumi Wilco: natural reforestation, riverbank repair from floods, nature trails, scientific research, community services and general maintenance. 

For these reasons, we encourage travellers who visit ” VILCA-BAMBA ” (plain of the sacred tree -the Wilco- to ancient Incas) to consider this as a place to stay.


The Pole House



It is a wooden cabin on stilts hand-built in 1992, on the narrow strip of flood plain formed at the base of Rumi Wilco steepest lands.

It is immersed in natural seclusion, by an andean stream, yet very close to the village centre. 

Electricity. Furnished kitchen. Drinking water provided directly from the water table below. Outdoor fire pit. Hot shower. Balcony to river. Wi Fi. Nature trails at doorstep. 

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  • 2 persons, $ 40.00
  • 3 persons, $ 45.00 
  • 4 persons, $ 48.00 



The River Cabins 



Located on a rise of the river floodplain, in the midst of nature, they are elevated on stilts and are fully equipped for your pleasure. Wi-Fi. The reserve surrounds them with 12 trails at their disposal.


  • 2 persons, $ 40.00 
  • 3 persons, $ 45.00 
  • 4 persons, $ 48.00



The Camping 



Adjacent to the river cabins there is a thatched roof hut serving as the hub of the camping. The site is provided with electricity, a well supplied kitchen, drinking water coming -like everywhere else in the Ecolodge- from the Rumi Wilco aquifer, toilet, warm shower, fire ring, hammocks and Wi-Fi.


  • $ 5.00  Per camper.