Greetings to all of you.

Alicia and Orlando Falco, creators and caretakers of the “Rumi Wilco” nature reserve in Vilcabamba – Ecuador, are releasing to the world the following request:

There is an increasing demand for living space at the expense of natural habitats now occurring in Vilcabamba. The international living phenomenon is here.

One of the neighbor/owners within Rumi Wilco, has decided to offer his section of land for sale. This is a core area of the privately protected reserve harboring several species of plants that at one time or another in South America, were considered as Sacred Plants.

Perhaps the most precious example of this is represented by the Wilco (or Huilco) tree (Anadenanthera colubrina), in whose honor the little reserve is named…and Vilca-bamba, the valley and village as well.

Since private land protection is a contingent affair at present, we are trying to raise enough money from concerned donors who, as part of a “Rumi Wilco Conservation Agreement” may take part in this campaign to save these special forests to posterity.

And special they are, since Wilco trees are found at present only in around a hundred acres of the territory of Ecuador and Rumi Wilco is the sole protection site of this tree in the country.

We intend to continue this fund raising campaign until all the uninhabited adjacent properties containing Wilco- dominated forest offered for sale are incorporated within the protected official reserve.

Click here to see the official registry.

We are doing this in joyful confidence, secure in our conviction that places like the one we care for, ought to be spared the urbanizing forces.

Orlando Falco