• Much of the native flora here is identified taxonomically (approx. 700 plant species)
  • Interpretive signs may be encountered, describing aspects of the area
  • Birding is well recommended
        for full listing.

Plates of common birds of Rumi Wilco

The entrance is located at the end of Agua de Hierro road, crossing the 
foot bridge over the Chamba river. 
It is approximately a 15-minute walk from the village’s center.



Set aside from normal agricultural practices in the year 2000, The “Bosque y Vegetación Protectores Rumi Wilco” represents the most biodiverse section of the inner valley of Vilcabamba. Its smallness (less than 40 hectares) and proximity to the village, makes it particularly valuable in the face of urbanizing forces. Home also to one of the rarest and enigmatic tree species in Ecuador, the Wilco (Anadenanthera colubrina), whose range extends little outside the valley proper.

At present, 142 species of birds have been identified in the nature reserve. We presume the total number has yet not been reached.

Link to Official Register here 

  1. The Natural Vilcabamba a guide for the naturally curious” booklet can be purchased at the Ecolodge reception.    This guide will give you a better idea of the area’s geology, geography, hydrology, flora and human social issues. It will help you to better understand this Reserve environment as well. 

  2. Open hours are from sunrise to sunset.

  3. We expect visitors not to bring dogs or horses.

  4. Sneakers or hiking shoes convenient here.

A new plant species for the global inventory!

Gonolobus rumihuilcanus

Within the Rumi Wilco nature reserve – a veritable refuge to the native flora and fauna — was discovered this endemic species for the valley of Vilcabamba :  Gonolobus rumihuilcanus, a vine that climbs to the surrounding treetops.

See study here




To present and future visitors of Vilcabamba.

The Rumi Wilco Nature Reserve invites you to do a bit of trekking along its self-guided trail system.
Twelve paths cover most of the reserve, several of which are elevated and overlook the valley. The trails traverse steep slopes, ridges, gullies and floodplain.

A contribution fee of U$D 2  is required which will allow up to three separate visits (bring change for drop-in box).